Ways to Revive a Medical Practice with Cash Problems

Healthcare financing is a growing area of investment for those with capital, and that’s because more and more medical practices and other large institutions are experiencing cash flow issues as part of their regular business cycle. The reasons for this are numerous, but if your practice is having trouble getting invoices paid in a rhythm that corresponds to your financial needs, there are options. The key is finding a provider who gives you the right combination of terms and benefits for your company.

One of the best ways to use financing to manage cash flow is through factoring, and medical practices will find that their business model is no exception to this well-established rule. That’s because factoring arrangements provide you with a cash advance against money you are already owed. For businesses that have a large number of outstanding invoices, this can liberate enough cash to alleviate problems caused by outgoing cash commitments. If you’re considering this kind of healthcare financing, there are a few things you need to know about finding a great provider.

First of all, this kind of advance has variable costs based on how long it takes for patients and customers to pay invoices, and it’s important to know up front what penalties will be associated with late payment, because it increases the overall cost of financing. Knowing what kinds of fees are in store up front lets you find the best choice of provider for your likely payment window. You will also want to select invoices for financing that you feel will have a predictable payment window, or else develop a plan for unloading those invoices to get around fees.

You’ll also want to know how the company you use handles notifications, and what methods of communication it will use with your customers to recoup payment. Since your financing company basically communicates with patients on your behalf to receive payment, you’ll want to know that their copy reflects the values of your healthcare business.

Cash flow problems can prevent medical practices from resolving staffing issues, hold up equipment purchases, and cause other complications for your budget. To make sure you’re keeping your cash flow in check, you need financial tools, and that means understanding invoice factoring and other healthcare financing products. That way, you can find the best way to fund all the equipment and supplies you need to keep treating patients with the excellence that your facility is known for. Once you have a way to access your outstanding cash, it gets a lot easier to keep your whole organization on track.

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