Resources for Minority-Owned Businesses

Opening your small business can be a daunting task, especially if you belong to a minority group. However, with the right help, you can be successful. There are many organizations available to guide you through and to answer questions as they come up. Here are a few of those groups and the help that they can provide to you.

Small Business Administration

This agency is a federally funded organization instituted to help a minority-owned business find its feet. They can provide help with issues such as technology, education, and how to manage. They have programs geared towards women and minorities who want to start a company. They also can assist little companies to match up with their larger competitors so that they can prosper in the common market.

Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency

If you are considered part of a minority group, this governmental organization, also known as MBDA, is available to you to help you build your business. Their primary resource is the guidance they provide to businesses when it comes to finding grants, loans, or contracts. They also offer great tips and articles to advise you on their website.


Perhaps you are looking for more one-on-one help with getting your company started. SCORE is a non-profit group of business professionals that offer individual or group sessions with new owners. They also provide educational opportunities such as seminars or classroom settings to impart their guidance towards the success of your business.

City Minority Business Assistance Programs

Much like MBDA, your city might have minority assistance programs to grow your business. They might be able to put you in touch with a mentor business to help you get started, assist you with finding local grants and contracts within your town or help you network with other companies like yours. Contact your local economic development organization to see if they know of any organizations like this that might offer their help and how to reach out to them.

Minority Chamber of Commerce

This organization is also a non-profit that assists minority business owners with learning how to manage their company and other aspects of the operation. They also can help you find money to invest and research with contracts. Your city might also have programs like these within your Chamber of Commerce. You can look at their website to see if these are available or call them to see if they have assistance for minorities.

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