A Better Way to Finance Your Next Property Purchase

Having worked with countless small business clients in the past, we here at Argento Commercial Capital know how volatile commercial real estate transactions can be. Nothing is more frustrating than having researched and located a property, followed every administrative task needed to secure said property, and then seeing your purchase fall apart at the end. More often than not, such failures are due to credit concerns. We’ve witnessed these companies go through these struggles and have resolved ourselves to find a better way. That’s exactly what we’ve developed with our stated income commercial real estate loan program.

Understanding Stated Income Loans

What is a stated income loan? It’s a financing tool that overcomes the limitations imposed by standard loans by not focusing solely on a borrower’s credit history. Rather, when considering your application, we look at the income-generating potential of the transaction itself and whether it will be able to generate enough revenue to cover all the costs associated with the loan, such as:

  • The mortgage payment
  • Property taxes and insurance
  • Any and all fees associated with the loan

Expanding the loan criteria in this way has allowed us to secure financing for companies with credit scores as low as 600.

Yet the eased lending restrictions are not the only reason you should consider a stated income loan. Because we don’t follow the standard approval process, we’re able to turn your application around that much faster. Plus, we don’t impose the same limitations you typically get with non-traditional lending options. Through a stated income loan, you can get up to $500,000 at a fixed rate on a 25-year loan schedule, with loan-to-value ratios between 65-75 percent (depending on the property type).

Whether yours is a small business without and established credit profile or an established organization simply looking to avoid the hassles inherent with traditional financing, our stated income loan program is the solution you’ve been searching. We here at Argento Commercial Capital cannot wait to help you achieve your business expansion goals. To get your application started, call and speak with one of our commercial finance experts today.