Discover the Full Potential of Your POs

The last place you want to find your company is stuck in the pattern of simply filling orders and having no resources to go out and secure new business. Yet when the priority is satisfying your customers, how can you afford to do otherwise? If fulfilling your current orders is stretching your company thin, you need a quick infusion of capital that ensures your ability to meet demand while also being able to expand your market share. The Purchase Order Financing program we offer here at Argento Commercial Capital allows you to do just that.

The Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

When dealing on pre-sold or pre-fabricated goods, your POs essentially equate to money in the bank. Using them as collateral to secure funding is any easy and hassle-free alternative to taking on more debt in order to expand your resources. Through our PO Financing program, we can help get you letters of credit to cover all kinds of transactions, including:

  • Production financing for orders already in progress
  • Import/export transactions
  • Domestic trade purchases

Even if yours company is a small startup with limited access to working capital, we can craft a financing package to meet your needs.

Let our PO Financing program let you expand your account portfolio while still keeping your current crop of clients happy. Our team has the secret to unlocking the lending potential of your POs, turning them into much more than a just a guarantee of work. Give us a call today to learn more about this and the many other unique financing options we offer.