Revealing Financing Tools Resting Right Before Your Eyes

Many often ask us here at Argento Commercial Capital how we can claim to offer an unmatched portfolio of lending tools. The answer to that question is simple: we just know where to look. Countless business owners and executives like yourself are literally sitting on lending resources without even knowing it. It’s our job to help you realize that.

Take your merchant count. You see it simply as a way to take credit payments; we see it as a fast and effective source of added funds. With a Merchant Cash Advance, you can be advanced up to $200,000 against your merchant account for each of your business locations.

Setting Up Your Merchant Cash Advance

Setting up such an advance offers a number of benefits unavailable with traditional bank loans, such as:

  • Relaxed lending restrictions
  • Reduced paperwork
  • No fees, closing costs, equity loss or fixed repayment schedules

That’s right, you don’t even have to worry about paying your advance back. Instead, a small portion of your future credit card payments is withheld to be applied towards the balance on your advance. Meanwhile, you’re left with cash needed in there here-and-now to accomplish your objectives.

Want to expand your operations? Looking to purchase some new business equipment? Need cash to help meet your operating costs? A merchant cash advance can be the ideal solution to any of the aforementioned scenarios. We at Argento Commercial Capital can help you get yours in as little as seven days. Just give us a call to get your application started today.