Financial Support for Clinical Practitioners

Your patients don’t see what goes on behind the scenes of your practice. They don’t understand the expenses associated with delivering high-quality care. They only care about feeling better, and that’s really all you should have to care about, as well. Let us here at Argento Commercial Capital help relieve some of the burden of keeping your clinic’s doors open.

The Options Available Through Our Financing Program

We offer a Healthcare and Medical Financing program that was specifically designed for clinical practitioners. Through this program, you can secure the working capital needed to meet your clinic’s overhead costs. Countless care providers in the medical, dental, chiropractic and veterinary fields have also found the program to be of great assistance in:

  • Financing equipment purchases
  • Buying into existing practices
  • Expanding their operations
  • Providing continuing education for their staffs

You can receive financing for up to $75,000 based off your application alone, or $250,000 with your financials. Plus, none of our financing packages are reported to any of the major credit bureaus, which allows you maintain your own borrowing flexibility.

Our team here at Argento Commercial Capital is also made of up members of the local community. Thus, we greatly value the services that you provide. It is for this reason that we have created our Medical and Healthcare Financing programs, to allow you continue to do the work you do without the concern of being able to afford doing it. Let us help you in caring for your patient populations. Give us a call today to learn more about this exciting financing opportunity.