Get Fast Cash From Your Receivables

Are you having cash-flow issues when customers make late payments? Were your business growth plans stalled by large outstanding invoices that were paid past 90 days? Consider converting your invoices into cash. Argento Commercial Capital has an accounts receivables program that will provide cash when you need it instead of when your customers make their payments.

Our Program Lets You Plan for The Future

When planning for the future, you need to know how much cash you’ll have on hand to meet both your expenses and your growth plans. With our program you’ll have the cash from your accounts receivables available when billed rather than waiting for payments. You’ll appreciate knowing that you can cover your overhead costs while you invest in your business growth.

A Customized Receivables Program

Our receivables program takes into consideration how your company’s cash flows, cycles and seasons coincide with your outflows. We work with all types of businesses, including start-ups, companies losing money and businesses in bankruptcy.

Our receivables financing program is designed for you to:

  • Obtain cash based on invoice amounts and without loan board decisions
  • Make large goods or materials purchases
  • Obtain cash within 24 hours
  • Make payments around your business cycles
  • Bypass signing as a personal guarantor
  • Obtain cash on your customers’ credit instead of yours

Learn How Easy This Can Be

Our specialists will show you how easily your outstanding invoices can be converted into cash. Contact us today for a no-fee consultation and find out how financing receivables creates fast cash.